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I'm the mother of two gorgeous kids adopted from the New York City foster care system. The older girl, Toots, is seriously emotionally disturbed (post-traumatic stress disorder, related to a history of abuse) and has been hospitalized since fall 2006. She has recently moved to a residential treatment center, but we continue to work towards her permanent return home. Toots is a loving and sweet girl, in the periods when she doesn't hate us and isn't asking her social worker to find her a new family. She is going into 7th grade (Sept. '07). Noodles, the younger boy, receives special ed services for a learning disability, and is doing well overall. He's starting 5th grade, a martial artist, little wise guy, and soon-to-be viola student. I'm also wife to Lew, and employee of a agency serving people with mental retardation.

Does anybody out there know how to do this working mom thing? And if you do, could you please tell me? I could use the advice.


Reading, cooking, crocheting, and sleep. I remember sleep. It was nice.