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I'm sending you all hugs...

Melissa in TN

I wish I had something helpful or profound to say. I'm thinking of you all and hoping that things get better soon.


I'm just thinking, if she has her heart set on being a nurse or nurse's aid or anything in the medical genre, maybe it would give her some perspective to meet with someone in said field and talk about how often you do or don't get your way in nursing? I'm sure it's an oversimplification on my part but ultimately she will have to CHOOSE not to behave like that - whether now or when she's forty, it has to come down to her own choice and not other people's ability to gain her trust. I think.


Oh boy does this sound familiar! I get the OH MY GOD and run out the room thing all the time. Wishing you some peace.


I'm surprised they were taking kids that young, with emotional problems, to see a movie like that! I've volunteered at RTCs and other places before, and most of them had policies against letting kids see movies with violence or scary scenes, because these movies could easily give kids nightmares or flashbacks.


I can't believe they took a 13 yo to see an R rated movie! I'll barely let my almost 12 yo see a PG-13 movie.


Why would they let a 13 y.o. go to an R rated movie??

Still sending you hugs. Sorry I've been a stranger....


I'm sorry, I am sure this feels pretty endless.


what morons to take a child to a movie like that.....

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